Thursday, April 30, 2015

Figurative Language Review


  • Figurative Language white board review


  • 3 book reviews will be due on Monday (Please asks teachers about the books that you want to use in advance)
  • Continue to study for the AP exam
  • JE questions due after your AP exams

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Woman Questions and JE


  • Finish review of posters
  • Reading Gilbert and Gubar selection from The Madwoman in the Attic
  • Finish reading selection
  • Be prepared to hand in all JE questions by the end of your AP exams

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Journey of Jane

Ms. Hoffmann
AP/Honors Literature
The Journey of Jane
*To analyze why and how individuals, events, and ideas develop and interact over the course of a text
*To read closely to draw inferences
*To prepare for and to participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations

Last class we reviewed the concept of Bildungsroman, which refers to a novel of self-development.  Bildungsroman consists of four general characteristics (from handout):
1.      It is a story of a single individual’s growth and development within the context of a defined social order.
2.      The hero beings the journey because of loss or discontentment.
3.      Throughout the long process of maturity there are repeated clashes between the hero’s needs/desires and the views/judgments of a rigid society.
4.      By the end the hero begins to internalize social values.  At this point, the hero also tends to assess himself and his new place in society. 
Jane Eyre consists of five distinct sections, which can be read as building a bildungsroman.  Given the extensive Biblical and spiritual allusions throughout the text, the novel more specifically might be considered a novel of spiritual self-development. 

Analysis of Jane as (Religious) Bildungsroman Directions:
·         With a partner, review your assigned portion of the text.  You may skim and/or refer back to your reading questions.
·         Get a chart paper and some markers.  Divide one side into four squares.
o   Square One: Draw a timeline for this chapter.  Choose no less than five key events to incorporate.
o   Square Two: Answer the following questions:
§  What brings Jane to this place?  Was it loss or discontent?
§  What new conflicts does Jane experience as she clashes with the established social order here?
o   Square Three: Draw a symbolic representation of Jane given what she goes through and/or the ways in which she grows in your section (include labels). 
o   Square Four: Write a paragraph that addresses the following (you may need to continue onto the back of your chart):
§  How has Jane changed through her experiences within this section?  Does she have a new place in society?  What is it?  Does she have a new relationship with religion/spirituality?  What is it?
Grading Checklist:
·         Timeline                                                                                                              _______/5 
o   Consists of 5+ major events
o   Consists of events relevant to section
o   Is detailed enough to understand
·         Short Answers                                                                                                    _______/5
o   Address all four questions
o   Are relevant to section
o   Are supported by specific examples and/or plot details
·         Symbolic Drawing                                                                                             _______/5
o   Seems to represent interpretation of Jane from section
o   Contains descriptive labels
·         Long Paragraph Answer                                                                                     _______/10
o   Addresses all questions
o   Provides more than yes/no answers
o   Supports answers with more specific textual evidence relevant to length
·         Presentation                                                                                                        _______/5 
o   Clearly presents group’s opinions on Jane Eyre as bildungsroman
o   Speaks clearly at a reasonable pace
o   Makes eye contact with the audience
o   Addresses audience questions

Thursday, April 23, 2015



  • Freewrite: 
    • How is PP an allegory?  Bildungsroman?
    • Overall, how is this section an example of Bildungsroman?
      • What does Jane learn about herself? (versus her state purpose)
      • How does she learn it?
      • What message does this section convey?  (About religion?  About Jane's perception of it?)
      • You may wish to think of similarities with PP
  • Finish reading for tomorrow
  • Final Othello essays due next Tuesday

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Catch-all Day


  • Victorian Pageant Presentations
  • Bell Work Sign-Ups
  • Practice AP Questions: Frankenstein
  • Read chapters 33 + 34 in Frankenstein
  • The practice exam will be Sunday starting at 8AM sharp

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Byronic Hero


  • What is a Byronic hero?
  • Review: Myth of Prometheus
  • Reading "Prometheus" and analysis of Prometheus as a Byronic hero
  • Byronic heroes in JE?
  • Read next two chapters
  • Continue working on pageant materials
  • Make sure your asylum questions are answered for tomorrow

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Madwoman in the Attic

-Bell Work (effluvia, perfidious)

  • With what are asylums associated?
  • How are patients viewed by society (think of epithets used to describe them)?
  • How are asylums depicted in movies?
-Victorian Asylums Overview

-Read 27 + 28 for tomorrow
-AP MC Corrections due Friday
-Vocab Quiz Friday
-Pageant materials due Friday

Friday, April 3, 2015

"The Angel in the House"


  • Vocab Quiz
  • "The Angel in the House"
  • Read chapters 24-26
  • Start looking over the Victorian pageant assignment.  It will be due next Friday along with your MC corrections.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Miss. Victorian

"There she is.  Miss. Am--er, Victorian."  You are now part of a pageant team for a contestant hoping to win the crown of Miss Ideal Victorian Woman.  Your task is to prepare a contestant (create a character) to win the crown.  You will be choosing attire for the different portions of the competition and writing responses for possible interview questions (see pageant agenda). that are appropriate for the Victorian Era (based on your homework and class readings as well as some additional research).

Side note: Guys, if you'd rather research and create an ideal Victorian man, you may.  It may involve a bit more research on your part, though, as the class readings will not be as fully relevant.

The Product: 
You will be creating a print out of your characters' fashions along with a description that explains why she deserves to be Miss. Victorian.  At some point in this explanation, you should quote what her answer would be for a one-minute interview question.  If you Google "common pageant questions," you should find plenty of ideas for what they might respond to.  Your explanation should be approximately a page long--if it's much less you probably aren't discussing each of your fashion choices for your contestant.  In addition to the fashions, you may wish to include your contestant's mannerisms that make them most proper.  Beyond your description, should include a Works Cited of resources you used on the back of your print out.  (You will be presenting these, so it is important that they are clean looking.)  I provided a list of sources for you to start off with, but part of this project is going to entail you deciding what sources are most credible and useful for you to utilize while balancing that need with a time limit.  (I would suggest you use Wikipedia as a starting point.)

Pageant Agenda:
-Casual Wear
-Formal Wear
-Final Thoughts (Interviews)

Starter Sources: 
-Victorian Fashion:
-1840s Fashion:
-Ladies Emporium:
-History of the Bathing Suit:
-Links to Etiquette and Clothing for Different Occasions:
-What Victorian Women Did:

Godey's II


  • Review answers in Godey's
  • Reading: "The Ideal Victorian Woman"

  • To what extent is Jane an ideal Victorian woman?
  • Read 20-23 w/ questions
  • Vocab Quiz tomorrow
  • MC corrections due before break

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Interlude: "The Story of an Hour"


  • Group Reading
  • Discussion Questions
  • Read chapters 18-20
  • MC Corrections due prior to break