Friday, February 27, 2015

Language in Othello P. 1


  • Vocab quiz
  • "Language in Othello" Viewing:

  • Read Act 3 (You will be reading act 4 for Tuesday)
  • Journal Questions:
    • How is language a tool of villainy?
    • What about language makes it ready-made for Iago's actions?
    • Can words be counted on to convey a fixed meaning?
    • What (if anything) changes meaning?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Motives in Othello


  • Allegorical v. psychological evil
  • Close analysis of selections of act 2 + assignment of a side
  • Viewing:
  • Journal: What do you think Iago is?  Base you answer on your reading of Othello thus far as well as the video we viewed in class.  Please refer to specific details within Othello
  • Vocab tomorrow
  • Sonnets due tomorrow
  • Read Act 3 + 4 for Monday

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sonnet Quiz


  • Sonnet Quiz
  • Have finished Othello act 2 for tomorrow
  • Vocab Quiz Friday
  • Sonnet writing due Friday

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Othello's Epithets


  • Defining epithets
  • Epithets we use Journal
  • What affect do epithets have?  On us?  On others?
  • Finding Othello's epithets in Act 1 (Where?  Who said them?  What is their motivation?)
  • How do you think that the epithets affect characterization?  Might affect how the plot moves forward?
  • Read Act 2
  • Study for Sonnet test
  • Vocab Quiz Friday
  • Sonnet Writing due Friday

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sonnet Review


  • Sonnet check-in
  • Sharing sample sonnets
  • Workshop Shakespearean Sonnet Scenarios
  • Read Act 1 of Othello
  • Check late work status
  • Sonnet Test Wednesday
  • Vocab Test Friday

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spenserian Sonnets + The Blazon


  • Review Amoretti homework questions
  • Notes on the blazon 
  • Sonnet 130 analysis
    • How is Shakespeare using these conventions?
  • Sonnet 138 individual analysis
  • SIFT on "The Man in the Black Suit" due tomorrow
  • MC due after break
  • Sonnet Song Rewrite due after break

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sample Song Sonnet

To her, Nona, I may finally speak.
Her nose ring glistens like Midas' gold.
She's a song only lips of angels old.
Her eyes, jewels even Heave would seek.
Yet to me, she would not give 'nother peek.
Cooler than me, one may call her ice cold.
Bad boys she loves, the ones most tough and bold.
Compared to her love interests, I'm meek.
If you were me, you'd be screamin', "Shoot me!"
Like a bad movie, through me she is lookin'.
My heart, crumpled, garbage, I feel a knave.
Oh mullets! Trans-Ams!  That's all she sees!
Her turntable eyes are, my heart, grinding.
She'll not know I'm the best she'll never have.

Adaptation of "Girl All the Bad Guys Want"--Bowling for Soup

Sonnet Day #3


  • Review of "The Parting"
  • Review Shakespearean Sonnet Conventions
  • Turning a song into a Petrarchan Sonnet
    • Choose a song about unrequited or lost love
    • Explain how it is Petrarchan
    • Plan out how your two parts of the sonnet.  Remember you need a shift, however subtle, from octave to sestet.
    • Start writing.  Remember you may pull from the song lyrics.  However, you should be adding in additional Petrarchan conventions and commonly used devices.  Refer to your notes if necessary.
    • Make sure you are following the rhyme scheme and using ten syllables per line.  If you are feeling extra ambitious try true-to-form iambic pentameter.
  • SIFT due Friday
  • Read and answer questions on Spenser's sonnet for tomorrow
  • Sonnet Song due after break
  • MC packet due after break

Sonnet Day #2


  • Review Petrarchan Conventions
  • Add notes
  • Reading sample Petrarchan Sonnet
  • Read Drayton's "The Parting" and mark up what you notice about it
  • "The Man in the Black Suit" SIFT due Friday

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sonnet Introduction Day


  • Analysis of Millay Sonnet:
    • What sonnet features does it possess?
    • What could you use to talk about the deeper meaning on the AP exam?
  • Analysis of Heaney's "The Forge"

  • SIFT on "The Man in the Black Suit"
  • Write an essay in which you analyze how the character of the blacksmith in "The Forge" is developed through devices such as structure, motif, and point of view.  
    • If you use structure, please be more specific than saying just "structure" in your essay.  Please refer to specific structural devices.
    • Give yourself about 30-35 minutes to write you essay since you started looking at the poem in class.  Make this as authentic to AP time constraints as possible.  

Friday, February 6, 2015

AP Essay #1 Review


  • Review Essay 1
  • Samples of Essay 1

  • SIFT due next Friday on "The Man in the Black Suit"
  • Read sample poem + mark up anything you notice for Monday

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



  • Discussion of handing in homework
  • Review of Essay #3 and grading criteria
  • Review of Exam
  • Self Grading with criteria
  • Be aware if you have handed in all of the work due so far this semester