Monday, January 12, 2015

Poetry Out Loud Contest


  • POL Presentations
  • Self-evaluation
  • Review of most recent MC test
  • Vocab Quiz tomorrow
  • Read the introduction of TCC and complete the Google Doc for tomorrow
  • Read "The Miller's Tale" for Thursday
  • Complete the following writing prompt for Wednesday:
    • Write an introduction for a pilgrim in the style of Chaucer's narrator.  Please choose someone that others in the class may be familiar with--whether it be a celebrity or someone in the school.  (If you pick the latter, please remember that you need to be kind.)
    • Requirements to mimic Chaucer:
      • Includes alliteration 
      • Includes similes
      • Contains heroic couplets
        • Try for the ten syllables even if you do not maintain iambic pentameter
      • Include a description of the manners/temperament, skills, habits, appearance, and clothes of the character as Chaucer does for his pilgrims
      • Remember that Chaucer avoids direct judgment
        • You still will include stereotypes to lead the reader to come to a certain conclusion, but you shouldn't say, "Ms. Hoffmann is a terrible pilgrim."  

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