Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Day Back: Fytte the Fourth HW Questions

  1. What starts off this section?  What is ironic about Gawain blessing the castle and his hosts?
  2. Why does Gawain refuse the guide's advice?  Do you believe that Gawain is chivalrous?
  3. What happens during the reunion between Gawain and the Green Knight?  How is the structure of the encounter significant?
  4. When Bertilak reveals himself does Gawain seem to be truly sorry?  On what does he blame all of his woes?
  5. Who is Morgan le Faye?  How does she initiate everything and why?
  6. What choice does Gawain make at the end?
  7. Ruminate on the story as a whole and the concepts of troth and chivalry for a few sentences (2 or more!).
  8. What does the Latin saying at the end mean?  Literally?  In terms of the text?

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